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My Favorite Links

Here are some of my favorite links for purchasing tools and materials, and other firearms related information.  

Just about everything for shooting, reloading and gunsmithing.
Gunsmithing supplies.
My go-to solution for Parkerizing chemicals.
Great source for firearms books.  If you are a gun owner and not a member, please join the NRA today.  
Mills, lathes, and other fine machinery.
Source for metal of all types, shapes and sizes.  No order is too small.
I use two milling machines for working on firearms.  I've purchased all my accessories here.
Source for milling bits.
Great source for polishing stones.
Checkmaker dies, Rock Dock, and other great tools for reloaders.
Gunsmithing articles for the home hobbyist.
More home gunsmithing parts and supplies.
Blind Hogg Great how-to articles.
Roderus Custom Gunworks More gunsmithing articles for your reference.
Articles on how to work on firearms used for Cowboy Action Shooting
Source for 1/16" fiber optic rods for use in gun sights.
Gun and Rifle Ammunition Ammo To Go is an online ammunition store that stocks factory new ammunition, bulk ammo, and surplus ammunition. prides itself on friendly customer service, competitive prices and most of its employees are, themselves, shooters and reloaders.  A great source for ammo, reloading, and shooting supplies.
Pew Pew Tactical has a great beginner's guide to reloading ammunition.  If you enjoy shooting, and want to save some money, then you'll want to start reloading.  Pew Pew Tactical also has many excellent articles for everyone whether new to firearms and shooting, or an experienced shooter.
Cave Armor is a resource for gun safety tips and reviews of gun storage solutions.
Gun News Daily has been the leading authority on right wing gun news since 2001.  Over the years they have written about gun news with a specific focus on political and economic events.  GND promotes the truth and news that liberal media so often omits.
M.CARBO manufactures after-market parts for the Kel-Tec Sub 2000.  Anyone who owns one knows the trigger is horrible.  M.CARBO's drop-in trigger kit fixes this problem.  They have parts and spring kits for other firearms as well.
The Smoking Barrel are gun shooting enthusiasts that wanted to share their passion with other like-minded people.  So they decided to start their website in 2014.  Their mission is to promote responsible gun ownership, help debunk myths and fiction about guns and gun owners, and to provide helpful information to other gun enthusiasts to help them become better gun owners.
         A great place to purchase targets and ammunition for competition and/or plinking.  Target Barn has been serving shooters for over 30 years. Their customers include police departments, gun dealers, shooting clubs, colleges with Criminal Justice training programs, government agencies like the Army, Navy, FBI, and Secret Service, and of course individual shooters throughout the U.S.
Very interesting articles on shooting, firearms and equipment.  Find out what's best for optics, sights, and other "how to" articles.
Online Outpost A "one stop shopping source" for Cowboy Action Shooting gun parts.  They have many other shooting accessories. is a dedicated resource for all your firearm needs.  This site was started to help both beginners that are completely new to firearms, and also the grizzled veteran that has a collection of 1911 pistols.  Their primary goal is to provide reviews of their favorite firearms, gear they’ve used or checked out and help you learn how to operate a firearm safely. 
This web site is dedicated to air gun safety.  Safety is important for any shooting discipline; this is a great read.  This was forwarded to me by a Boy Scout Leader, but should be read by anyone involved in any of the shooting sports.
Tactical Hyve is a thriving firearms and tactical training community built with a purpose:  “To provide people with vetted connections to our nation's elite tactical experts to ensure they get the highest quality training and results.”  if you want to truly be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones, you can continue to do things on your own and waste a ton of time and money, or you can join the Tactical Hyve community where we vet and streamline pertinent information for you. safety.  Safety is important for any shooting discipline.
Tips on how to move a gun safe by  I've moved my gun safe twice and here are some helpful tips.
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